I'm Very Into You

by Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark / adapted and directed by Sara Lyons

Sex, Power, Portishead, Send: I'm Very Into You invokes late great feminist author Kathy Acker and Australian media theorist McKenzie Wark in a stage adaptation of their 1995 email correspondence following a steamy love affair. Their queer desire hovers in the air between San Francisco and Sydney at the dawn of the digital age.

photos by Louis Stein

Production History:

Special Effects / Wild Project (NYC), 2017

Featuring Nic Grelli* and Emily Davis*

Media Design: Adam J. Thompson

Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf

CMU School of Drama, November 2016

Featuring Carson McCalley and Sarah Pidgeon

Scenic Design: Emily Bordelon

Media Design: Jessica Medenbach

Lighting Design: K. Jenna Ferree

Sound Design: Hong Ji

Costume Design: Yixuan Duan

Dramaturgy: Stephanie Kane